What Others Are Saying:

“…I admire Eric’s intelligence, vision, and drive. I greatly appreciate all his efforts to develop, upgrade and advance our information technology and navigate us through the information highway. Connecting people drives innovation, and helps our business to grow and evolve…”

Tommy Hilfiger
Founder and Chairman
Tommy Hilfiger Corp


“A brilliant thinker and extraordinary innovator, Eric always opens my mind to new ideas in the vast universe of information.”

Peter Max

World Renowned Artist


“Eric provides a model for IT executives in retail and beyond on how the CIO should become more customer savvy, and drive top-line innovation.”

Peter High
FORBES Magazine


“CIO Eric Singleton saw early that the retail industry was going to be redefined by mobile technologies.”

The Wall Street Journal


“Eric is as passionate about technology as anyone in Silicon Valley and has the success to prove it.”

Google Atmosphere Live Introduction



“…The next challenge was to create a single version of the truth; we needed to integrate and implement platform solutions so that every corner of our organization would be receiving the same information...”

Eric Singleton 

with Steve Ballmer



“…Eric cut through red tape that most victims of cyberbullying wouldn't know exists - much less know how to navigate...”

Chessy Prout and Jenn Abelson 

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