Executive, Founder, Board Member, Advisor, Investor, Entrepreneur.  Strax Networks Inc.,Tommy Hilfiger, Honeywell, Raytheon, Chico's 


Life's work: to strive to create technologies that drive measurable value and contribute to dramatic and sustainable revenue growth: AR/XR, AI, ML, Commerce, Learning, Data Science & more.

Career reputation for strong enterprise leadership, transformations, innovation, turn-arounds, and high revenue generation for the world's largest companies as well as start-ups, and have achieved numerous documented increases in revenue for Fortune 100 businesses via technology innovation. 


Pioneering leader in AR, cloud computing architectures, SaaS, ERP architectures, AI and mobile computing. I currently lead Strax Networks Inc. as co-founder and CEO.  Our augmented reality enterprise platform, StraxAR™, applies its patented technology to bridge the physical gap between the marketer, influencer, and their audience - creating a unprecedented experiences and monetization.

Contact: | New York, NY | Palo Alto, CA